Do you love the water?


Are you an adrenalin junkie?


Do you like adventure sports? If so, this adventure is for you.


Professionally trained guides (canyoning experts) will show you the ropes and prepare you for the journey down the waterfalls.

What is canyoning?


Canyoning is navigating your way through a canyon. In this case, canyoning is an activity that includes hiking, swimming, water sliding, jumping and abseiling but abseiling is the main thing. You’ll need some special skills for abseiling but it isn’t very hard. For trekking and mountain biking you need strong legs, rock climbing you need strong arms but in the canyoning you just only need strong heart to win yourself.


In the program, you’ll have:

   Three absails: One dry cliff ( 16m ) and two wet cliffs (25m waterfall and Washing Machine).

  Two natural water sliding.

   Two cliff jump (7m and 11m).

  5 km trekking.

    Free time swimming.

    Guides: All our guides are canyoning experts, with decades of combined experience in tours for individuals or groups. They’ll train you on how to set the rope for the descent and how to abseil safely and in an easy way. You will be learned the basics of knot typing, harness wearing and abseiling techniques.

    Equipment: Because we care for your safety, all of our equipments is top quality imported fromFrance andSingapore, such as: Petzl, Singing Rock, Beal, Black Diamond,New England…

   Tour plan: We organize the tour in small group and we do for you the long one.


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